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25 Years of Global Expertise in Technology and Change Recruitment

Welcome to Nicoll Curtin

What our team have to say

  • What I love about this job is that there is always space for development and you always pick up new things in this market. I also really love our leaders’ attitude. They are people who give the best advice to us, provide all the best tools so that we are successful. They are inspirational, fun and smart people; they always motivate us and are there for us.

    Tamara Lazic

    Team Leader, Serbia

  • In this job, every day is different. Since I started to work at Nicoll Curtin 4 years ago as a trainee, I’ve done things, that I never thought I would. Such as going to Mexico and winning the employee of the year award in the first year I joined. When I look back, my journey from trainee to principal consultant... It is worth everything.

    Joshua Palsamy

    Principal Consultant, Singapore

  • We have access to a lot of good tools and no one holds you back. It’s a fun place to work. There are a lot of incentives. When we hit weekly targets, we leave early or go for a drink. We have lunch club and high flyers... I would say this is exceptional. We also have great clients, a really good culture in the office; people who are motivated and caring.

    Theo Stergiou

    Associate Director, UK and Ireland

  • We have exceptionally diverse teams; people coming from engineering, army, airlines industry, hospitality, banking... Coming from different backgrounds, they offer diverse perspectives and bring in varying working cultures. I don't manage everyone the same way; I tailor my approach based on the person. I also learn a lot from them. My team inspires me everyday.

    Janelle Molina

    Manager, Singapore

  • We have offices in 6 countries, but we work together as one big team. We maintain close communication across all locations, and everyone is aware of our common purpose and on board with our goals. Despite being a global team, we share a unique bond that was evident during our Awards Night in Dubai in January 2023. It was an amazing experience that brought us even closer together.

    Gülnaz Can

    Senior Marketing Manager, Global

Workplace & Culture

Perks & Benefits

  • Competitive salary and uncapped commision

  • Bespoke training and development

  • Transparent career progression

  • Mental health support

  • Generous annual leave

  • Travel and rent deposit loans

  • Annual Awards Evening

  • Lunch Club

  • High Flyers

Consultant career path

Nicoll Curtin with numbers

Countries we've been together on an incentive trip.

Languages we speak


Percentage of trainees being promoted within 6 months.

Percentage of our team maintaining a healthy work-life balance

Percentage of our team finding genuine enjoyment in their day-today work.